Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika Gowardhan

I’m Maunika and I’m an Indian chef and food writer. Raised in Mumbai, my food influences stem from traditional home cooking, creating authentic and delicious Indian dishes full of flavour and spice.

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Indian Kitchen

My debut book, Indian Kitchen is filled with regional Indian curries. With recipes to fit into your lifestyle whether you’re short of time and want a quick meal, or have friends and family coming over and want to cook a feast. This book has it all including family recipes, spice blends and cookery tips.

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Indian Kitchen Book

I love Maunika's cooking. Her food is a joy - she makes incredible Indian food really achievable at home.

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The Spice Pantry

With a variety of spices in the Indian cooking repertoire it can be tricky to decide where to begin. What are the must have spices in the kitchen and how to get the most out of them? This spice guide gives you an insight to what Indian kitchens and regional communities stock up. Also simple hints, tips and tricks on how to use each spice along with a suggested list of recipes for the spices.

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